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Travel highlights Tibet

travel highlights tibet

Mount Everest Base Camp

Always wanted to say you’ve been to Mount Everest? Now is your chance – climbing Mount Everest isn’t for the faint hearted and something only experienced climbers should do but you can take a trip to the Mount Everest Base Camp – this is the easiest way to get close to Mount Everest without climbing it! Why not spend a night here – perfect for star gazing as the starry sky is 5km closer here than usual.

Jokhang Temple,Lhasa

Jokhang Temple in Lhase is a must see when in Tibet! This 1300 year old temple is the spiritual center of Tibet and attracts an endless stream of pilgrims. There are numerous things to see here – a life-sized statue of Shakyamuni, exquisite murals, various statues of Buddha and not forgetting to watch the praying outside the temple (this can best be seen in the morning).

Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Nyingchi

This is the worlds deepest grand canyon measuring a record 5,382 meters – yes even bigger than the Grand Canyon in Colorado in America.  It’s the world’s deepest, highest, longest and most dangerous grand canyon making it a magnificent not to be missed trip. The best time to visit is between May and October as the Mountains of the canon are covered with snow from October to June.

The Potala Palace

The Potale Palace is known as the Palace of Art due to its innumerable treasures and art works and for this reason it’s an Unesco World Cultural Heritage Site.  The Potale Palace is located northwest of Lhasa City on the side of Marpo Ri (Red Mountain) and is a stunning building complex.

Lake Namtso

Known by many as heavenly lake, it’s also one the highest saline lakes on earth. It not only has stunning picturesque views but there are also four temples around the lake. It’s definitely worthwhile hanging around here to see the sunset and snap a few photo’s!